The Denver, Colorado based nonprofit organization, Kids Lacrosse The World was founded to spread lacrosse globally while improving and developing the lives of kids through leadership, mentorship and positive education. Kids Lacrosse The World teaches children how to play lacrosse while promoting important life skills.

KLTW most recently had the opportunity to travel to Kenya, Africa to start an African based lacrosse program at the Butula Hekima Academy. The 14-day trip included teaching, mentoring and coaching lacrosse to more than 200 Kenyan children.

With the help of UN1TUS, the Butula Hekima Academy received lacrosse jerseys and t-shirts to properly outfit the children to practice the game of lacrosse. The state of the art jerseys helped the Kenyan children during KLTW’s visit but will also stand as their practice jerseys for years to come.

From learning the game of lacrosse to playing fun and games, the children of Kenya practiced their English, helped cook and properly clean food because of Kids Lacrosse the World.

UN1TUS Athletic Wear and Kids Lacrosse The World share the vision of empowering athletes of all ages. UN1TUS would like to give KLTW a special thank you for helping bring the UN1TUS vision to Kenya, Africa and LuvLens for capturing this phenomenal trip.

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