UN1TUS uniforms unite by giving YOU the freedom to create your very own custom creation. If you want to create a vintage uniform design or a very elaborate spread, we offer custom tiers that will fit your organization’s needs.

Full Custom

Full Custom uniforms start with a blank canvas. Our custom process allows you to work with the UN1TUS design team to bring your ideas to fruition. Everything from the uniform look and feel to designs, colors, fonts and numbers, Full Custom uniforms give you and your team ultimate design freedom. The UN1TUS dye sublimation process infuses our performance fabric with your customized design. The process ensures that the design, numbers and logos will never crack, fade or peel. The customization process does not stop there. Full custom options allow you to choose either our elite or classic performance fits and fabric. Elite performance fit and fabric is more fitted, providing ultimate performance for the athlete. The ventilated mesh inserts provide extra breathability and the highest level of comfort. Classic performance fabric provides a more traditional fit and feel which is ideal for all levels of play. Of course, these are built using the best moisture wicking materials. UN1TUS classic line provides lasting comfort and performance.

Semi Custom

Semi-Custom offerings allow you to choose from one of our sport-specific designs. Here, you select your colors from the UN1TUS color palette, drop in your team logo and player name (if desired) and choose one of the eight UN1TUS number and name fonts. This is a quick-turn service we provide for teams looking for a unique design but most importantly a design that features the team’s true colors. Semi-custom designs are dye sublimated on classic performance fabric. Highlighted with moisture wicking capabilities, the UN1TUS classic fabric provides a loose feel accommodating all sizes and lasting comfort.


If you choose to not go the custom route, UN1TUS offers a stock soccer jersey and short kit available in forest green, royal blue, navy, red, white and black for a very competitive price. This kit is NFHS approved! We can add your team logo and player numbers to our stock products making this a true one-stop shopping experience for you.


The UN1TUS diverse product line and competitive pricing makes us a perfect fit for your organization. Come collaborate with UN1TUS to create a one of a kind uniform today. Visit www.UN1TUS.com for more information.

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