“I have been playing lacrosse for 7 years and in those 7 years, I have experimented with many different apparel companies. Since being introduced to UN1TUS, it has been my brand of choice.”

“Whether wearing compression shorts, shooter shirts, socks, uniform tops or bottoms, each product is lightweight and comfortable.”

UN1TUS Lacrosse includes a one of a kind product offering that features fully customizable jerseys, shorts, shooters, and reversible pinnies.

When designing custom or semi-custom uniforms you have the freedom to choose from a short sleeve and/or a sleeveless jersey option with the ability to utilize either dark matter or luminosity material. The UN1TUS short sleeve dark matter jersey weighs in at 6.70 oz. and has mesh ventilation panels located under the arm, perfect to keep your underarms cool. The UN1TUS sleeveless and short sleeve luminosity jersey features a full front and back ultra lightweight mesh material for unmatched ventilation. Weighing in at 3.5 oz. you might forget that you are even wearing a jersey.

Top off your jersey designs with custom or semi custom shorts. With or without pockets, UN1TUS lacrosse shorts are lightweight and moisture wicking.

Perfect for shoot around, The UN1TUS custom and semi-custom shooting shirts are offered in both short and long sleeve options.  Serving as an accent to your unique uniform design; The UN1TUS shooting shirts are moisture wicking, to keep you cool and comfortable during any competition.

Switch it up; the dual sided reversible pinnies can be full custom or semi custom. Weighing in at 7 oz. the moisture wicking reversible pinnies use a one of a kind mesh for optimum ventilation.

Ranging from fully customizable jerseys, shorts, shooters, and reversible pinnies, UN1TUS is Kyle’s first choice when it comes to lacrosse apparel.

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