The earth gives us so much: The ground upon which we run, walk, climb, ski, dribble, jump, and stand; The scenery we enjoy on a trail run, the sunset we appreciate at the end of a long day, and the air we breathe to sustain us through a tough workout.

Too often, we forget to pause and reflect on the beauties of the earth and to truly appreciate the incredible resources right at our fingertips. Earth Month marks an occasion where we can take time to truly celebrate the earth and all it provides us. Here are 10 ways you can pause, reflect, and give back to our beautiful planet:

  1. Walk or Bike to Work

If you value a healthy a lifestyle, this should be an easy one to accomplish. Driving your car everywhere can be convenient but it is also a significant contributor to air pollution. Especially if your job requires extended periods of sitting, walking or biking allows you to start your day with a little exercise to get your blood, and creative juices, flowing.

  1. Go Paperless

Do you still receive paper bills in the mail? Have you constantly ignored that annoying email from your bank encouraging you to ‘go green?’ Maybe it’s time to acknowledge it. Paying bills online is not only more efficient and time-saving, but it also addresses the issue of wasted paper and the loss of sensitive information.

  1. Adopt a Highway

Grab your friends, gardening gloves, and (biodegradable) trash bags and hit the nearest highway for a group garbage collection trip. Turn it into a competition by dividing into 2-3 teams and seeing who can collect the most trash in a set amount of time.

  1. Plant a Tree

According to Time, the global tree count has fallen 46% since the beginning of human civilization. Deforestation is a large concern since trees produce life-giving oxygen, which sustains human and animal life while counteracting harmful toxins. Participate in a tree planting initiative in your community to drive local reforestation efforts.

  1. Celebrate Earth Day

The world’s largest environmental movement, Earth Day, is celebrated annually on April 22 across the globe. This year’s theme revolves around ending plastic pollution and bringing health and life back to our aquatic ecosystems. Join the 1 billion strong movement for a day of action and civic participation as we all work to protect natural life in all its forms.

  1. Use A Composter

In America alone, 40% of food goes uneaten, while one in six Americans are food insecure. Much of our food is lost periodically along the supply chain, but most heads to the landfill straight from your kitchen garbage bin. Install a composter in your home to reroute waste away from landfills and help educate others on the importance of reducing food waste.

  1. Cut Down Meat Consumption

Meat production accounts for one fifth of manmade greenhouse gases worldwide. We know how important protein consumption is for healthy, active athletes, so start by participating in the Meatless Monday movement and pledge not to eat meat one day a week. Interested in trying something new? Explore how you can incorporate other sources of protein into your meal prep such as eggs, nuts, beans, quinoa, and legumes.

  1. Reduce Energy Use

In a society constantly on the go, it is easy to forget to monitor your daily or monthly energy usage. Shutting off the lights, unplugging appliances, taking shorter showers, and regulating your thermostat are all easy ways to reduce your daily energy use. Another benefit is a reduction in your utility bills – win-win.

  1. Get Outside

Earth Month provides the perfect opportunity to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors amidst beautiful spring sunshine. Whether you’re doing yoga in the park, going for a long run, or taking a walk with your co-workers on your lunch break, take some time to appreciate fully the beauty of nature. We also have the perfect accessory for whatever outdoor activity you choose! Check out our lightweight, wind-resistant jacket .

  1. Sign the Petition

World leaders and environmental activists have pinpointed one of the most polluting practices in our world today: the use of single-use plastics. The movement to adopt more sustainable alternatives includes a petition to place a global ban on these harmful products. You can take action and sign the petition here to support the initiative to end plastic pollution.

UN1TUS “We Are One” campaign empowers male and female athlete of all ages and levels by giving them what they need to excel. This month we want to recognize that we are one with the earth as well. Join forces with us to spread the word about the importance of protecting and appreciating our planet!

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