Are you prepared for the holiday season?

If you aren’t, our gift guide will help avoid any last minute meltdowns or panicked trips to the mall on Christmas Eve!

  1. Don’t listen to the de facto claim that we lose half our body heat through our head; our internal temperature drops according to how much skin is exposed to the elements. The biggest determining factor in how warm we remain is directly proportional to what we cover, so covering as much of yourself as possible is key. Cue our Vortex Sideline Jacket, a must-have for wintry weather and harsh wind chill—it’ll keep you bundled up and looking at the top of your game. And, it’s black, which means it goes with anything.
  2. There are two types of people in this world: Hoodie wearers and people who haven’t found the right hoodie. Our Arena 50/50 hoodie is the perfect balance of athleisure, striking the right note of active and comfortable. Dress it up with our Vortex jacket, dress it down with some sweatpants, or wear as is! The options are endless with a solid staple such as this.
  3. Velocity refers to the speed of something, it’s the name of our Performance Long Sleeve T-Shirt on this list, and it’s what you should be doing after reading this blog—running to get your hands on one before they’re gone. It’s 100% polyester, a standard fit, and a great deal at just $15.
  4. Running to and from games and scrimmages requires a skill not many people possess: Good judgement (when it comes to finding the right duffle bag). Give your gear proper aeration with our Contender Team Duffel Bag—it’s cleverly designed with ventilated pockets to keep your wet gear from creating odor or touching your dry clothes. Stay warm, stay organized, and stay ahead of the competition with this bag.
  5. It’s the little things, right? We think so too. Finish up your holiday shopping with perfect stocking stuffers—our Reaction Ankle Socks and Active Headbands are just that. Keep sweat at bay with moisture-wicking, supportive, and comfortable material.
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