Bold, colorful, simple or classic… What’s your style mantra? Depending on the statement you want to make, we build the gear for you to make it. Time is ticking… Keep reading and discover what the custom ordering timeline is for your style persona.

Blanks (1-3 days)

Let your preparation do the talking…Blanks or UN1TUS stock apparel come as is, no embellishment. Perfect for those with a timeless style. This includes: workout t-shirts, warm ups, and all athletic wear.

Heat Transfers (2-3 weeks)

Keep it simple. The UN1TUS heat transfer process digitally prints your designs onto vinyl, which is then applied to desired stock athletic apparel garment through heat transfer.

Screen Printing (2-3 weeks)

Add a pop of color. The UN1TUS screen printing process transfers ink to stock athletic apparel. The garment is cured with heat to ensure that the designs will not crack or peel. Each design uses a stencil with multi color capabilities to transfer your awesome inked designs to your athletic wear.

Embroidery (2-3 weeks)

Totally classic… The UN1TUS embroidery process stitches your design with needle and thread to desired athletic apparel products. Our embroidery process gives your custom garment a handmade timeless look.

Dye Sublimation (6-8 weeks)

Be Bold. The UN1TUS dye sublimation process take designs from the computer and dyes uniform fibers through heat. Custom dye sublimation offers the highest levels of detail that won’t peel or fade. Anything is possible. Make a bold statement and create a one of a kind look.


Have no fear we have a solution for you. In addition to custom dye sublimated uniforms, UN1TUS also manufactures NFHS compliant stock uniforms. Our stock Triumph soccer uniforms can be embellished with screen-printed team logos and player numbers. With lead times as quick as 2 weeks! We have all sizes, ranging from male, female, adult, and youth.

Closing Remarks

An order is confirmed and the clock starts ticking when the following are secured:

  1. Design approval
  2. Order agreement
  3. Payment

For rush orders and custom order inquires, contact sales 440-528-3100. Make a statement in UN1TUS custom apparel.

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