Looking for the perfect winter gear to suit your active lifestyle? Warm up with UN1TUS outerwear.

Whether shredding the slopes or training for next season, make sure that you are equipped with the right gear for winter layering. With a moisture wicking base layer, insulated mid-layer and wind/rain repellent top layer, UN1TUS equips you with the tools to properly dress for success this winter.

Base Layer

Proper layering starts at the core. Base layers help regulate your body’s temperature by moving perspiration away from your skin. Rather than absorbing moisture, the base layers job is to wick it away. Our suggested base layer, is our state of the art compression gear.  With its compact fit and moisture-wicking capabilities, UN1TUS compression allows your body to move naturally while providing support and regulating your body’s temperature. UN1TUS Compression is the ideal base layer for all cold weather training. https://un1tus.com/men/compression/


Mid-layers keep your body insulated and comfortable by trapping air close to your body. The light-weight and breathable construction locks in body heat for lasting performance. UN1TUS fleece is perfect for high intensity winter activities. The Microtouch fleece is designed for maximum warmth and finished with a performance fit. The brushed interior can serve as a lightweight mid-layer or stand alone providing maximum insulation while locking in your body’s heat. https://un1tus.com/un1tus-microtouch-fleece-1-4-zip

Top Layer

Top layers protect the body from natures elements. Helping resist wind and water from penetrating inner layers, UN1TUS offers several top layer options that can suit your active lifestyle.

Down Fill:  This athlete inspired coat encapsulates down feathers that will keep you comfortable and warm in frigid temperatures. Among the most insulated coats in the UN1TUS outerwear line, this unique piece allows you to be stylish and warm. Not to mention, it’s reversible! https://un1tus.com/un1tus-summit-down-winter-jacket

 Shell:  One of our most technical UN1TUS outerwear pieces, the classic shell. It’s water repellent construction wicks moisture away from the body. This warm, durable jacket has an athletic feel to keep you warm and stylish. https://un1tus.com/un1tus-classic-shell-jacket

 Insulated:  The UN1TUS Vortex Sideline Jacket provides maximum protection from the coldest conditions. Ideal for low-intensity activities, zip up and stay warm during the long, cold days outside. https://un1tus.com/un1tus-vortex-sideline-jacket

Don’t let the cold keep you sidelined. Let your clothing preparation propel you towards full enjoyment and high performance winter training.

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